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Gordon Brown


​​​   ​​Gordon Guitars is named after my late father, Gordon Brown.  My dad was an avid guitar player, and a perfectionist when it came to music and the guitar's he loved to play.  I try to adhere to those traits, in every guitar that leaves my shop.  I hope he is looking down on me and smiling.

William Lewis Brown


   Bill has been a guitar builder since the early 1990s. His passion and enthusiasm for this craft has grown over the years, as well as his gift for creating a stable yet beautiful sounding guitar. As a true craftsman, adding the personal embellishments and cosmetics desired by his clients is not only fulfilling for Bill, it also fills the need that musicians and collectors alike will have.​



   Bill welcomes design challenges, from inlays to body shape.  His goal is to produce a true masterpiece that will surpass the expectations of his client. In Bill's own words, “There is nothing in the world like fulfilling a dream for a person, by creating a guitar that represents a piece of their life. I love giving them something they can pour their hearts and creativity into, and enjoy for years to come, passing it on as a family heirloom.”

Simply give Bill a call or e-mail to talk about your hand-crafted dream guitar by clicking here.


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Phone: (716) 465 - 6515

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