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Testimonial #4

Canary Guitar
Bill With Canary Guitar
Canary Guitar Back
Canary Guitar Abalone Purfling
Abalone Inlay


   Holding this guitar in my hands is amazing.  Not only is it a beautiful work of art, but it has one of the richest sounds I have ever heard come from a guitar.  In one word "AWESOME" and the thing that makes it more special, the artist that created my guitar is an incredible friend of mine, Bill Brown.


   While making my guitar, Bill was also giving me guitar lessons so I got to see it as he shaped it into what I hold in my hands today.  He let me choose the wood, make decisions on the styling as he went along. He suggested that because my hands were so small a smaller guitar with a narrower neck would be easier for me to play.  Once again, his suggestion was right on.  It fits in my hands perfectly.  Things like this show his expertise when it comes to his skill and knowledge in designing and creating his guitars.


   You should be very proud Bill, you truly are an artist.  I know I Love My Guitar and I am so proud and love calling you my FRIEND.

                                                                                                                                          Susan Lynn Doyle



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