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The "BONTHRON" Guitar

Dreadnought  Rosewood / Back & Sides

 Audio Track

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Description of The "BONTHRON" Guitar 

Bills Comments on This Guitar

* Dreadnought Blood Wood Back and Sides.

* Hand Selected Sitka Top.

* Ebony Binding.

* Abalone Inlay Purflng around Top.​

* Abalone Inlay around Sound Hole.

* Ebony Finger Board and Bridge.

* Abalone Position Markers/Diamond and Squares.

* Tortoise Shell Color Pick Guard.

* Gordon Logo on Peg Head, Inlay AbalonShell,               

* Grover Tuning Machines.

* Bone Saddle and Nut.

* Bone Bridge Pins with Abalone Dot.

* Dove Tail Neck Joint.

                                      (Special Order)

  This guitar has a nice story!  I got a call from a woman that wanted to show her "love and appreciation to her husband", her words not mine.  She heard I made acoustic guitars from scratch for people.  So after visiting my website and doing a little homework, she gave me a call.  We spent a good hour on the phone, she was so sweet she would apologize from time to time for taking so long with her questions. 


  I would remind her take as much time as she needed I knew this was dear to her.  We essentially designed this guitar over the phone.  Later I had her come to the shop to see how the progress was going on her husbands guitar.  She was so excited she knew what this would mean to her husband.  When learning that her husband was a Native American it was very easy to personalize this guitar.  We managed to keep it from him till the guitar was ready to go home!

Thank You!  For considering Gordon Guitar's




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