Testimonial #2

   Hi my name is Lou Bonthron.  Two years ago my wife Madelyne had decided to get me a guitar for Christmas.  She didn’t want to get any guitar, but one with a personal touch.  She found Mr. Bill Brown’s website and decided to go one step further and have one built.  Bill and my wife sat down and came up with a plan.  She wanted to incorporate my Native American heritage into the guitar; she also incorporated my nickname “Niimish” which is Ojibwe for dog.  Then Bill went to work.  Long story short, i​n my eyes and the eyes of many others, Bill had built a work of art.     

    Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a beautiful instrument.  The look and sound quality of this guitar is just amazing.  I am honored to have my friend Bill play my second most prized possession (my first being my wife) for you tonight.  Thank you and good night!

Lou Bonthron

Thank You!  For considering Gordon Guitar's


Testimonial  #3

   Let me start by saying, handmade in the United States is something we don’t hear much anymore.  When you first see a Gordon Guitar, the craftsmanship stands out with quality.  Top notch woods, pearl inlay and hardware that are second to none.  When you hear a Gordon Guitar with it’s rich tonal notes, your sold.  I’m very proud to own my Gordon Guitar and love playing it.  I do receive many compliments on the look and sound it delivers.  I will cherish it always.

Steven M. Ries  



 Audio Track

                     I purchased two guitars from Gordon Guitars    made by Bill Brown.  He sent me E-mails of what it takes to make a handcrafted instrument.  I enjoyed watching the step process, quite a work of art.  As my technique progresses, playing single chord form or picking is real smooth on both guitars.

  If I am playing a John Denver song, or banging out “ Oh Darling” by the” Fab Four”.  I’m getting to enjoy the sounds and tones from both the OM and Dreadnought size guitar more and more every time I play them.  I find myself picking up my Gordon Guitar more than my D-28.

 Yours truly,


Testimonial #1

 Hand Made In The USA