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The "BLOOD WOOD" Guitar


Solid Blood Wood / Back & Sides

Three Piece Back

 Audio Track

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Description of The "BLOOD WOOD" Guitar

Bills Comments on This Guitar


* Solid Blood Wood Back and Sides.


* Three Piece Back.


* Solid Adirondack Top.


* Ebony Binding.


* Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge.


* Ebony Heal Cap.


* Ebony Tail Piece.


* Abalone Purfling around Top.


* Abalone Purfling Sound Hole.


* Abalone Squares and Diamonds on Fingerboard


* Tortoise Color Pick Guard.


* Logo Abalone Inlay "Gordon" on Peg Head.


* Grover Tuning Machines.


Thank You!  For considering Gordon Guitar's




  This guitar has a three piece back. The reason is I wanted to build a blood wood guitar, and the only way I could get the wood was in six inch pieces.  So I just decided to make it three piece.


   As the story goes, this person came to visit my shop to see how I do things, not knowing he really was looking to have me build him a guitar.  So after he played a couple of guitars I had on hand,  he noticed the Blood wood guitar in its beginning stages.  This guitars body was being sanded at this time. 


    Well it was love at first sight, he had to have it!  ​​It’s an amazing guitar with a very beautiful sound!!

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