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The "AVANGKOL" Guitar

 Hand Made In The USA

 Audio Track

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Description of The "AVANGKOL" Guitar​ 

                      Avanghol sides and back

                   This wood is from "Nigeria"


* Sitka top

* black binding

* Abalone Pearl inlay top and sound hole

* Grover opened  tuners

* Ebony finger Board and bridge

* bone nut and saddle

* Ebony peg head / mother of pearl inlay

* Mother of pearl and Abalone on finger board 

* 2 / 11/16 at nut




Bills Comments on This Guitar

   This guitar was built for a collage student.  he seen my website and couldn't wait  to come in to order his guitar.

    It was lots of fun putting this down on paper. He came in with his mother to help with the process. when we looked at the wood I had to offer, he new right away it was the Avanghol for him.

    I have to tell you this, when he asked me how long would it take? I simply replayed how long do I have...he chuckled and said it may take some time to come up with the money. I told him as long as it takes.

Thank You!  For considering Gordon Guitar's


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