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* Canary Back and Sides

* Sitka Spruce top

* Ivoried Binding

* Abalone around top

* Abalone around sound hole

* Ebony finger board and Bridge

* Abalone Diamond and square position dots 

* Mahogany neck with dove tail joint

* Gold Grover tuners, with Ebony buttons

Bills Comments on This Guitar


Description of The "CANARY" Guitar

Thank You!  For considering Gordon Guitar's


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   This guitar was a real delight to build.  I made this one for a friend I've known for years.  When she first approach me it was a mere statement she made, "I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THE GUITAR"....  I told her it's never to late!        So I invited her over for a lesson or two.   I wanted to see if it was something she really wanted.  I even gave her a little guitar for her to use.   Although she displayed  no intentions on having me make her one, she wanted to learn.  I explained after awhile of teaching her I could only take her so far.    So as the story go's, she got more exited and enthusiastic, about her new friend...the guitar!!   She started asking me more about the building  process,  after all, being in my shop surrounded by guitars in various stages.  Before long, well about eight months we were designing her very own custom guitar.   I made it just for her with every little detail.    This was so much fun for me to build, to have the person watching the progress week after week.  It was really great.   She now has a beautiful instrumentto play and I was so happy to make it for her.   A very delightful friend indeed.

Canary Wood / Back & Sides


 Audio Track

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